Service: Office rental / workstation rental

Rent an office at a top location in Hamburg

Outstanding benefits of renting offices in Master-OFFICE:

  • Rapid and uncomplicated adaptation of spatial capacities to suit the latest requirements of your enterprise.
  • Minimise your fixed costs for office rental - you can regularly save over 70 percent compared to conventional rented office space. We will be more than happy to assist you in the compilation of an appropriate cost/benefit analysis.
  • Combine office rental with other Master-OFFICE services such as the leasing of conference and meeting rooms, a personal secretarial service or the professional answering of telephone calls.
  • Bring your own furniture with you. We can help with the layout and set-up. Alternatively, we can also provide modern and comfortable office furniture on a monthly base at attractive rental conditions.
  • Avoid major investments and maintain the liquidity of your enterprise, particularly during the starting time of a new business division or location.
  • You can also save time and effort when it comes to furnishing offices, including necessary technology. In addition to all logistical and organisational tasks, we also take charge of maintenance and procederes.


  • We can provide offices in different sizes (e.g. with 1 to 4 workstations each). The best approach is a personal visit on your part to convince yourself of the high quality of furniture and facilities.
  • Spatial expansions or reductions can be realised if necessary.
  • Of course you can arrange your rented office wih your own furniture and technical
    equipment. We `ll assist you in this.
  • A modern network wiring and telephone system ensures that you enjoy
    communications at its best. Connect any existing computers, laptops, etc. with ease
    to establish your link to the outside world.
  • In addition to leasing offices, you can book further individual or standardised services to suit your particular requirements, or even an "all-round carefree service" which includes secretarial work, processing of post and individual answering of incoming telephone calls.
  • Temporary offices or part-time workplaces can be arranged on request, too.
  • 24-hour access with security service and free parking for you and your guests are included.
  • Underground rail service, bus stops, taxi rank, airport, hotels in all categories, restaurants, shopping centres --- everything right in front of you or in the near vicinity.
  • Master-OFFICE allows you flexible use of everything you require, but you will always pay only for the actual service itself. In other words, you pay what you use - and nothing else! We don't have any expensive flat-rate charges! 
  • No long-term ties to rental, personnel, maintenance, leasing and other contracts in every location where you use our resources.
  • Start-up costs, broker commissions, typical office investments and capital commitment are dispensed for the benefit of your liquidity.
  • Considerably-reduced fixed costs and transparent, controllable variable costs enhance your cash flow.
  • You can save yourself negotiations and the complex and tedious search for location, rental and personnel.
  • Avoid bottlenecks and additional expenses relating to leave, sickness or other availability situations. Increase your independence.
  • Benefit from new business links to a pool of reliable experts, service provider,
    suppliers and more.
  • Provisioning and cleaning of the office infrastructure is taken care of at all times.
  • Perfect task sharing: we relieve your pressure and free you from routine work,
    enabling you to focus on your core business.
  • The Master-OFFICE team is experienced, professional, multilingual, competent,
    motivated and service and customer-oriented at all times.
  • Use synergy effects and the numerous contacts in the community of Master-OFFICE clients. ...
  • We have been continuously improving our quality in all areas for almost two decades - especially focused on the active involvement of our clients.
  • Our professional, friendly and quality-conscious approach enabled Master-OFFICE to successfully establish itself on the market and create reliable and cost-effective location framework conditions for our clients’ business activities.
  • The Master-OFFICE office, conference and service concept proved its worth and
    offers today many companies an excellent base for their business activities in and
    beyond Hamburg.
  • Master-OFFICE is successfully on the market since 1993 and personally managed by its founder and proprietor since the day of its inception. Many years of experience with office services and several, sophisticated special tasks have shaped our team. We are among the price/performance leaders in every area.
  • We have the finest references and we won the model as starting business of the
    German Federal Ministry of Economics in 1995 and 1997.
  • For many years we provided a training and seminar centre for business centre
    operators all over Germany.
  • Our clients trust in us. Rent between 1 and 8 offices simultaneously on a continuous base and feel perfectly at ease in our capable hands. This is reflected in our clients' long average retention duration: more than 6 years have become standard! Even clients who first approached us in the initial phase when Master-OFFICE was established in the early 90's remained faithful and recommend our services to others.
  • We actively involve our clients in the improvement of processes and qualification of our personnel through a regular exchange of ideas.
  • On the other hand, we also want to - if desired – get involved with our clients'
    business and commit ourselves in the best way to ensure our service and their
  • We are more than happy to introduce you with our clients, so you can convince
    yourself and eventually build exciting business relationships with us in Master-
    OFFICE. Simply consult us in this matter - we will be delighted to help!
  • An excerpt from our client list in this service category:
    • Aerotechnik Germany (Aerospace) GmbH
    • AIG Europe, Direktion Deutschland
    • Allmess Schlumberger GmbH
    • Bigpoint GmbH
    • BKN Biostrom AG
    • Busch-Jaeger Elekto GmbH
    • COLT Telecom GmbH (Gründungsbüro DE)
    • Compuware GmbH
    • Étéson Sonnenstudios (Franchisezentrale)
    • EnBW Erneuerbare Energien GmbH
    • Fachverband der Kaltasphaltindustrie
    • Georg Jensen Damask A/S
    • HH-EL Energie Hanse GmbH
    • Joop Living! Sales Office Brand Stage GmbH
    • MDM Münzhandelsgesellschaft mbH
    • OVB Vermögensberatung AG
    • PCM Computer AG
    • Talkline International GmbH
    • Telecom Finland GmbH
    • Tele Danmark Call Center Europe A/S
  • Small, medium-sized and large companies, national and international enterprises, including companies in the following professional groups and sectors are represented:
    • Architects / Engineers
    • Physicians / medical practices
    • Authors / journalists /editors / publishing companies
    • Energy industry/renewable energies
    • Financial institutions / consulting companies
    • Service / cleaning enterprises
    • Commercial firms / commercial representations
    • Crafts enterprises of all kinds
    • Caretaker companies / housing management
    • Real estate agents / building contractor
    • Internet companies / IT-Consulting / IT-service
    • Artists / photographers / writers etc.
    • Leasing companies
    • Headhunter / Temp Employment agencies
    • Attorneys / solicitors
    • Expert consultants / surveyors
    • Security agencies
    • Software enterprise / Hardware manufacturer
    • Steel industry / concrete industry
    • Tax counsels / chartered accoutants
    • Tourism industry / travel travel agencies
    • Transport and courier services
    • Translator / interpreter / correspondence office
    • Management consultants
    • Insurance offices / insurance brokers
    • Advertising, media and marketing companies
  • Typical situations in which our services are called upon for the first time or as an expansion to an existing service:
    • Establishing a new business
    • Moving to Master-OFFICE because of its advantages
    • German or international company founding a subsidiary
    • Subsidiary of a German or international enterprise
    • Additional location of an agency, a broker or advisor
    • Temporarly necessary location for a specific project
  • We achieve the highest of standards at the best possible prices.
  • Benefit from maximum flexibility through the shortest contractual commitments.
  • Our conditions are pointed out by a high degree of transparency and consistency.
  • We have continually improved the scope and quality of our services over the last 28 years, while our prices remained stable.
  • Given the first-class location in Hamburg and the variety and quality of services and representative facilities we provide, you can be sure having difficulties to find a comparable offer.