What clients say about us.

There is nothing more gratifying than longlasting and satisfied clients who trust us.

First-class service and an exceptional location and facilities ...

A professional team which is friendly and communicative at all times is the reason, that Master-OFFICE successfully established itself on the market in the Northern German region, and created reliable and cost-effective framework conditions for its clients in the Hamburg metropolitan area and beyond.

We have been continuously improving the service we provide for our discerning clients for almost 3 decades. We are also increasingly entrusted with challenging tasks ranging from small to very large, including the complete processing of orders, accounting or the coordination of dealer networks. Our clients appreciate our competence and commitment. So it is no surprise that we won the model as starting business of the German Federal Ministry of Economics in 1995 and 1997.

The Master-OFFICE office, conference and service concept proved its worth and today offers many companies an excellent base for their business activities in and beyond Hamburg.

We actively involve our clients in the improvement of processes and qualification of our personnel with a regular exchange of ideas. This leads to confidence and reliability which is a foundation we extended for years for co-operations with our clients, and is based on a spirit of partnership. Even clients who first approached us in the initial phase, when the company was established in the early 90's remained faithful and regularly recommend us to others. We show our gratitude with our excellent service.

We are also more than happy to arrange contacts for you with our clients (following inquiries) so you can get a picture yourself and eventually build exciting business relationships with us in Master-OFFICE. Simply contact us for more information.

You can find an excerpt of our clients list in the respective service category under "References".

  • Architects / Engineers
  • Physicians / medical practices
  • Authors / journalists /editors / publishing companies
  • Energy industry/renewable energies
  • Financial institutions / consulting companies
  • Service / cleaning enterprises
  • Commercial firms / commercial representations
  • Crafts enterprises of all kinds
  • Caretaker companies / housing management
  • Real estate agents / building contractor
  • Internet companies / IT-Consulting / IT-service
  • Artists / photographers / writers etc.
  • Leasing companies
  • Headhunter / Temp Employment agencies
  • Attorneys / specialist lawyers
  • Expert consultants / surveyors
  • Security agencies
  • Software enterprise / Hardware manufacturer
  • Steel industry / concrete industry
  • Tax counsels / chartered accoutants
  • Tourism industry / travel travel agencies
  • Transport and courier services
  • Translator/interpreter/correspondence office
  • Management consultants
  • Insurance offices / insurance brokers
  • Advertising, media and marketing companies
  • Establishing a new or expanding an existing business
  • Moving to Master-OFFICE because of its advantages
  • German or international company founding a subsidiary
  • Subsidiary of a German or international enterprise
  • Additional location of an agency, a broker or advisor
  • Temporarly necessary location for a specific project